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abhishek ray

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  • Vendor Outfit type: Hindu
  • Vendor's Job: Bridal wear and groom wear

Description of work-Young and upcoming fashion designer based in Kolkata, Abhishek Ray recently launched his flagship store in his home city. Along with the store, Ray unveiled his collection which is a treasure trove of design and aesthetics.

Speciality of work-The target consumers are in the age group 20-40 who belong to the Sec A and B and the upwardly mobile middle class who are fashion conscious. The designer brand is available through MBOs in Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi and Nagpur. Plans are afoot to come up with larger stores in the near future.For Ray, it’s been a long and eventful journey in the fashion industry. He says that he believes in styling and draping of ensembles, especially the way fabrics, colours and textures enhance human silhouettes. Also, he doesn’t believe in blindly following trends, rather prefers to think out of the box.

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Starting price-
Bride wear-25,000/-
Groom wear-20,000/-
Outfit type-sherwani,kurta,pajama,sarees,lehengas,suits,gowns,etc.
Years in business-2 years
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