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Anuradha & Aashish

The venture of a lifetime I had an arranged marriage despite people's contrary belief. My parents found Aashu via someone they knew and it's been over an year now that we have been married, and it's not perfect. Yes, IT IS NOT PERFECT. Since the beginning, it never was. My dreams of a fairy tale wedding were shattered when we got only two months between our roka and the D-day. Our courtship was short and we were still just about acquainted when we got married. We never were able to take time out for our pre-wedding shoot, had to rush with ordering our wedding outfits (if you are a girl, you'll know how tough it is), ended up shelling loads of money on our trousseau as we were between sales and finding the same items on sale after three months, and with all the preps being done by ourselves at the core, we were hammered...and whoever said that the initial period after getting married is all roses, better get their facts right. It is not a bed of roses, IT IS THE TOUGHEST! Adjusting to a new place, relationships and people was never easy and when we still didn't know each other very well, it got a lot more difficult. Fighting our devils, with each other by our side was the only way out. And boy, I am proud that I have Aashu as my life partner today. A support I never knew I needed and an anchor to my wandering thoughts he has been with me all the time. He is the man to whom I had said I love you months ago but realized it's true worth only some time ago. The affect he has on me, wants me to be a better person. My life with Aashu has not been perfect and will never be, but it never has ceased to make me happy. And that is all what matters. :)